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Flomersheim is a quarter of the vorderpfälzischen city Frankenthal in the Pfalz and possesses a surface area of 481,5 hectars. The distance to the town center lain northeast amounts to only 2 km.

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Flomersheim is to 5 km on 95 m over NN in the Rhine level on the left of the removed Rhine. The geo coordinates are 49° 31 ' N and 8° 20 ' O.


the name Flomersheim originally meant “home of the Flabo”. The place is since the Frankish colonization in such a way specified in 5. Century settled and for the first time mentioned in a document of the monastery Gorze with Metz of 24. May 765.

economics and infrastructure

the place were coined/shaped centuries long rural and admit for its vegetable growing. The incorporation after Frankenthal took place 1919. Soon after the Second World War the change began to a suburb mostly inhabited by commuters. 2002 had Flomersheim of 2,828 inhabitants and were thereby after rotten second largest quarters Frankenthals.

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