Florian realm seal

Florian realm seal, gelegentl. also realm seals (* 26. December 1735 in Salzburg; † 15. March 1793 in thorn brook with Vienna) was a Austrian priest and writer.

Over the childhood and youth of realm seal quite few are well-known. It studied philosophy and theology in Salzburg and locked its study 1754 with the Magisterwürde. Still in the same year it went as Novize into the Benediktinerstift pc. Peter in Salzburg. There he put 1755 down the Ordensgelübde and received 1759 the Priesterweihe.

Starting from 1760 realm seal worked as a Prediger at the pin church and as a secretary in the administration. It was now already active temporarily as teachers. In the years 1761 to 1766 it worked as a professor afterwards at the High School in Salzburg and until 1775 as its Präfekt.

1775 laid down realm seal all school offices and dedicated themselves now strengthen the Seelsorge. Here it was in several localities and Pfarreien those the pin pc. Peter associated were active.

Its last effect place was thorn brook with Vienna. There Florian realm seal died to 15. May 1793 at the age 58 years.


  • Eliezer (1766)
  • Hermann, an example of the love for the father country (1773)
  • the wedding on the Alm (1769)
  • the wedding in dr wine vintage (1787)
  • Titus, ful the ul Christian (1774)
  • the truth of nature in the three terrestrial Grazien (1763)

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