Floriano Peixoto

Floriano Viera Peixoto

Floriano Viera Peixoto (* 30. April 1839 in Ipioca (Alagoas) † 29. June 1895 in Divisa (Rio de Janeiro)) were a Brazilian politician and military.

He was trained at the imperial military school. 1863 it participated in the war against Paraguay and soon to the lieutenant colonel was carried.

1884 he became a president of the province Mato Grosso, 1888 field marshal and 1889 general aide of the army and supported thereupon the republican revolution.

Peixoto became in April 1890 a first war Minister of the republic and in February 1891 their vice-president.

By November 1891 until November 1894 he was a second president of Brazil.

By an intelligent reform politics in political (re-instatement of the parliament, re-establishment of the constitutional warranties and a stronger centralization) and economic area (granting of credit to the economy, protective duties, renting lowerings) it succeeded to it to consolidate despite the resistance of monarchistic of military, the republic.


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