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base data
pointed names: Sunshine State
(dt. Sunshine state)

Capital: Tallahassee
largest city: Jacksonville
rank (within the USA): 22
altogether: 170,451 km ²
country: 137,374 km ²
water (%): 30,486 km ² (17.9%)
Rank (within the USA): 4
altogether (2004): 17.397.161
density: 102 E./km ²
member state
place: 27
since: 3. March 1845
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
cent ral: UTC-6/-5
degree of latitude: 24°30'N to 31 ' N
degree of longitude: 79°48'W to 87°38'W
broad: 260 km
length: 800 km
highest situation: 105 m
average situation: 30 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: Jeb Bush (John Ellis Bush)
postal: Flat steel bar
officially: FLA
ISO 3166-2: US-FL
Karte Floridas

Florida is a state in the southeast of the USA. It is well-known as the Sunshine State (dt. Sunshine state). “Florida” comes from the Spanish and means “fully from flowers”. The state was discovered by the Spanish discoverers during the Osterzeit. Easter on SpanishPascua Florida is called. The abbreviation for Florida reads flat steel bar. The coat of arms animal of Florida is the white head sea-eagle. The capital of the popular holidays goal is Tallahassee. Florida has numerous islands, which are called “keys” and by bridges are connected. ToEnd to this island chain is appropriate for key west. From there out there is only 90 miles until Cuba. In keys west is also the southernmost point of the continental USA.

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archaeological finds leaving on the fact close that Florida before the discovery was inhabited for several thousand years by the European settlers, already. The Spaniards discovered Florida1513 and took up it for the Spanish crown.

Parts of Florida were controlled thereafter in the meantime by Spaniards, the British and Americans. 1763 had Spain after end of the seven-year-old of war Florida at Great Britain transfer. In the American war of independence, in Spainon sides of France against the British, recovered it fought to 1781 control of west Florida, in peacetime of Paris 1783 Spain Florida again was completely awarded.

1819 surrendered Spain Florida to the United States. It will regard as emergency salesits, because in the English-American war of 1812 - 1814 had occupied American troops the country and had not no more left it after end of war. At the 3. March 1845 became Florida of the 27. Federal State of the USA. Today Florida is one of the most well-known statesAmerica.


Florida is a peninsula. At the east coast the Atlantic ocean is located, at the west and at the south coast the gulf of Mexico. In the north the US Federal States Georgia and Alabama lie. It liesin close proximity to Cuba, Haiti and other countries of the Karibik. After Hawaii it is the southernmost state of the USA.


Florida has 17.397.161 inhabitants (conditions: 2004), of it 65.4% white, 16.8% Hispanics, 14,6% darkmembranous and Afro American, 1.7% Asian, 0.3% Indian.

In the year 2000 the number of inhabitants amounted to still 15.982.378. It since then however constantly increases.

There is 6.337.929 households and the Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounted to 2002 26,646 US Dollar.


Floridaa parliamentary system of two Houses with a 40-köpfigen has senate and a House with 120 members. The present (2003) governor von Florida is the republican Jeb Bush, Bruder of the US president George W. Bush.

Although Florida traditionally rather the democrats, came it was turned by the increase in the population of the last years to turning to the political opinion toward the republicans. Momentarily the relationship republican to democrats is for instance 1:1. Therefore and because of its large number of inhabitants and the associated electors-, Florida von Wahlforschern is regarded to voices as a crucial state for the choice to the American president.

In Miami the liberals democrats compete with the rich exile Kubanern, which are turned rather to the republicans. Tampa was in former times the center thatA democratic party, however in the last years to a pro republican center developed.


of Florida climate and the many beaches make it an interesting leisure place for holiday-makers from all world. Also the various entertainment parks such as Disneyland,Universal Studios/Iceland OF Adventure and the Movie park Movie park in close proximity to Orlando are large points of attraction for tourists. Besides the economy concentrates on the cultivation of Zitrusfrüchten (50% of the consumption of the USA) inclusive Juice production, it gives numerous Banks and phosphate is diminished.

largest cities

city County inhabitant
of 1.4.2000
Jacksonville Duval 735,617 777,704
Miami Miami Dade 362,470 379,724
Tampa Hillsborough 303,447 321,772
Saint Petersburg Pinellas 248,232 249,090
Hialeah Miami Dade 226,419 224,522
Orlando orange 185.951 205,648
away Lauderdale Broward 152,397 164,578
Tallahassee Leon 150,624 156,612
Hollywood Broward 139,357 144,535
Pembroke Pines Broward 137,427 150,104
Coral jump Broward 117,549 128,355
Clearwater Pinellas 108,787 108,606
Cape Coral Lee 102,286 127,985
Gainesville Alachua 95,447 108,856
Miami Gardens Miami Dade --¹ 100,887
haven Saint Lucie Saint Lucie 88,769 118,396
Miami Beach Miami Dade 87,933 89,104
Sunrise Sunrise 85,779 90,227
Plantation Plantation 82,934 85,497
west Palm Beach Palm Beach 82,103 95,344
Palm Bay Brevard 79,413 88,758
Lakeland Polk 78,452 88.357
Pompano Beach Broward 78,191 88,874
Davie Broward 75,720 82,579
Boca Raton Palm Beach County 74,764 78,069
Miramar Broward 72,739 101,486
Melbourne Brevard 71,382 75,366
Deltona Volusia 69,543 79,749
Largo Pinellas 69,371 71,704
Deerfield Beach Broward 64,583 66,189
Daytona Beach Volusia 64.112 64,422
Boynton Beach Palm Beach 60,389 64,775
Delray Beach Palm Beach 60,020 64,150
North Miami Miami Dade 59,880 58,750
Weston Broward 49,286 63,534

¹ formation of the city to 20. February 2003

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