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Wappen von Flossenbürg Lage von Flossenbürg
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Palatinate
district: New city a.d.Waldnaab
height: 638 m and. NN
surface: 23.26 km ²
inhabitants: 1.766
(1. November 2005)
Postal zip codes: 92696
Kfz characteristics: NEW
municipality keys: 09 3 74 122
city arrangement: 16 local parts
of the administration:
Municipal office
high baptizing route 24
92696 fin-vouch
Website: Municipality fin-vouch
E-Mail address:
mayor: Johann Kick (SPD)

fin-vouch is a municipality in the district new city at the Waldnaab in the governmental district Upper Palatinate (Bavaria). Fin-vouch is a national recognized Erholungsort and is in the Oberpfälzer forest because of the border to Tschechien, where the neighbour municipality Lesná is.

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the place was mentioned documentary for the first time 948. Fin-vouch was a fortress of the high baptism.

From 1938 to 1945 here a notorious National Socialist concentration camp existed. To 23. April 1945 reached the 90. Infantry division of the 3. US army the municipality and took it combatless.

objects of interest

of buildings

supraregional are the grave and memorial place of the KZ admit fin-vouch, which is attached a research and a Dokumentationszentrum. Over the municipality the ruin of the castle rises fin-vouches.


fin-vouch is admits for its granite occurrences, whose quarries are worth always an attendance. The large quantities of the hardest granite of the world were diminished in the national socialism from the KZ-prisoners and used for the realm Party Congress area in Nuremberg, where they are to be seen also this very day. For move-inspired in addition an attendance of the center of Central Europe in the neighboring place Hildweisreuth is recommended, to that approx. 3km is distant.

The moreover executed in the concentration camp fin-vouch high personalities of the LV resistance. Beside Canaris and Oster also the Evangelist theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which found 14 days before release by the strand death. For this reason the Evangelist youth Upper Franconia organizes annually an international youth meeting. There young people from Europe meet, in order to intend the prisoners to remind the terrible events but also in the discussion to give with the time witnesses from the KZ fin-vouch yourself.

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