Curse of the Karibik

film data
of German titles: Curse of the Karibik
original titles: Pirates OF the Caribbean: The Curse OF the Black Pearl
production country: The USA
feature year: 2003
length (PAL - DVD): 137:13 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Being ski film script
would ferment: Ted Elliot,
Terry Rossio,
Stuart Beattie,
Jay Wolpert
production: Jerry Bruckheimer
music: Klaus bath ELT
camera: Dariusz Wolski
cut: Stephen Rivkin,
Arthur Schmidt,
Craig Wood

of the Piratenfilm curse of the Karibik from Disney - Studios was also over 6 million visitors the fourth largest public success of the yearly 2003 in Germany. It is baseddraws on the action of the attraction Pirates OF the Caribbean in the Disney recreational park. For 2006 and 2007 two continuations are planned.

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a British shipfinds in the middle into the Karibik a boy floating in the water. The daughter of the British governor, Elizabeth Swann, finds out that this boy wants Turner is called. It decreases to it a golden Medaillon, because the Totenkopf could expel on it it as Pirat.

Eight years later worksTurner wants as weapons forges. It and Elizabeth often see themselves, since it works preferentially for its father, but they cannot confess their love due to their Standesunterschiede each other. A daily visits one the most notorious Piraten of the Karibik, Captain Jack Sparrow, the island andimprisoned one takes. When Elizabeth with its Medaillon falls in the water, this calls after a ship - the Black Pearl. Still in this night the port of the notorious verfluchten pirate ship is attacked, which kidnaps Medaillon stolen and Elizabeth. With the kidnapping gives oneselfElizabeth the Piraten as Elizabeth Turner out, since it runs as a daughter of the governor Gefahr, to be murdered.

Turner wants released thereupon Captain Jack Sparrow, so that they can look together for Elizabeth. The two succeed to assistance of a diversionary manoeuvre the Interceptor, the fastest shipthe British fleet, too kapern.

On the way after Tortuga, a notorious Piratenschlupfwinkel, it finds out wants that its father was a Pirat served, and under the command of Jack, which was in former times a captain of the Black Pearl. After a Meuterei, aforementioned of its firstOfficer Barbossa, was suspended Sparrow on an island. While the crew of the Black Pearl stole a crate with verfluchtem Aztec gold, Sparrow assistance of smugglers of the island could escape. The crew of the Black Pearl is now however occupied with a curse, that it to unsterblichen,but makes for feelingless skeletons, which reveal their true shape in the moonlight. The curse can be only broken, if the entire gold is again gathered. In addition everyone must pay the Piraten, which one the Medallions stole, a blood price. Barbarossa and its crew have already their bloodover the treasure poured. Only the blood of a Piraten is missing still: and this is Wills father, William Turner I., which was murdered however by Barbossa. Therefore the Piraten needs a descendant and believes themselves these in Elizabeth to have found, there it as a Turnerspends. Only Cpt. Jack Sparrow knows that the genuine son wants from Turner is. Therefore Jack of everything risks to catch up and fall there with Wills assistance Barbossa the Black Pearl. Thus he recruits a crew in Tortuga and takes up pursuit. Those Black Pearl reached in the meantime the Isla de Muerta and is the Elizabeth's blood now before collected crew to be poured. In last second to come Turner and Sparrow want in the Piratenhöhle on, where Elizabeth wants to save and can flee. Jack however allies itself alsoBarbossa and the Black Pearl take up the pursuit of the Interceptor .

The crew of the Interceptor enlisted in Tortuga comes with wants Turner and Elizabeth is imprisoned taken to a spectacular sea-battle, into their process. Barbossa does not remember however, its success with Cpt. JackSparrow to divide and suspends it and Elizabeth on the island, on which he had banished Jack already before. From there the two can flee however, there Elizabeth the half island abfackelt and with this enormous signal fire a British ship, the Dauntless, upit makes attentive.

The Showdown takes place on the Isla de Muerta : While into an ambush planned by Jack Sparrow go the soldiers of the Dauntless, kapern the Piraten of the Black Pearl the Dauntless. It comes to violent engagements with the returning soldiers. Meanwhilereleases Jack wants Turner and fights with Barbossa, meanwhile are however both unsterblich, because Jack likewise stole now a Goldmedaillon. Only as if blood wants to be on the gold to drip leaves, can Jack Barbossa defeat. Since the curse is broken, also the Piraten resultson the Dauntless.

Back in the port Jack for its crimes to be hung, but wants and Elizabeth to save it in last second and make possible it the escape is to the Black Pearl, on which its Tortuga crew already waits for him. During and Elizabeth wants itselfkiss, segelt Jack from the port.

After remove sees one still that the ape (Jack) steals themselves again a gold coin from the chest and is immediately again untot thus.


curse of the Karibik became in the categories of best leading actors (Johnny Depp), best make-up, best clay/tone, best clay/tone cut and best special effects for the Academy Award (OSCAR) nominated, went out however within all ranges empty.

Johnny Depp was nominated beyond that for its main role for golden the Globe and distinguished with the screen Actors Guild Award.

In addition Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom in the categories Best Liplock and Best Chemistry won with the Teen Choice Award.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is the main figure of the Piratenfilms curse of the Karibik. It is embodied by Johnny Depp, its charismatische representationamong the principal reasons for unusual public success of the strip to be ranked can. Johnny Depp was affected according to own data substantially by two personalities:

  • Keith Richards, guitarist of the Rolling Stones: Depp mentioned for this, Piraten had been its opinion after skirt star their time.Since it as the largest actual skirt star regard Richards, it was obvious to build its character into the role.
  • Pepe le pew, a Cartoonfigur from the house Warner Brothers: The influence on the film character is to be classified here however more slightly.


JohnnyDepp was distinguished for the representation of the Captain Jack Sparrow of the Schauspielergilde as best leading actors. Beyond that it received the following nominating:


  • due to his influence on the character should Keith Richards in the 2006 appearing continuation of „curse of the Karibik “inarise to a Nebenrolle as Sparrows father. Unfortunately he withdrew his promise however, since the turning work would collide with a concert route of the Rolling Stones. [1]
  • Captain Jack Sparrow is to go apart from its cinematic operational readiness level also in the successor of the computer game Kingdom Hearts into action.
  • To 10.July 2003 appeared the Action Adventurecurse of the Karibik “for the Xbox un the PC. This play was developed by the play developer “Bethesda Softworks “and is the successor to “Sea Dogs”. The offzielle development title “Sea Dogs 2” was modified some months before,as Disney the license to the play acquired.
  • In July 2006 the successor appears to the Action Adventure “curse of the Karibik” for the PlayStation 2.
  • The title Barbossa is Hungry of the sound TRACK of Klaus bath ELT and Hans's room became with the Biathlon matches of the olympic winter plays 2006 regularlyplayed, as soon as the prominent person at the shooting range ran in. Also with various ski jump meetings and with championsleague - plays was to be already heard the title.

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