Airport vienna Schwechat

airport vienna Schwechat
airport characteristic data
I.C.A.O. code LOWW
coordinates: 48° 07 ' 16 " N, 16° 33 ' 16 " O
48° 07 ' 16 " N, 16° 33 ' 16 " O< /br> 183 m over NN
traffic route
distance of the city centre 18 km
course binding town center air haven Train< /br>Rapid-transit railway
road motorway A4, federal highway B9
base data
operator airport Vienna AG
surface 10km ²
terminal terminal 1 (star Alliance, emirate, Aeroflot) </br>

Terminal 1A (temporarly established for the transitional phase in the Skylink one builds; Flyniki + air Berlin, Germanwings, SN of Brussels)< /br> Terminal 2 (other)< /br> Terminal 3 “Skylink” (in building)
commencement of construction: 23.1.06 - Completion: 2008

airlines of 58
air targets of 59
passengers 15.9 million (2005)
Air freight 234,677 t (2005)
airplane movements 230,900 (2005)
(passengers per year)
person employed
runway system
11/29 3500m x 45m
16/34 3600m x 45m

the airport vienna Schwechat is the international airport of Vienna. Vienna Schwechat is beside it homeland airport of the airline Austrian. The shares the airport Vienna AG are acted at different stock exchanges. The two principal shareholders are the Lands of the Federal Republic Vienna and Lower Austria

with 15.859.050 passengers in the year 2005 (prognosis 2006: 16,9 million) it is the largest airport of Austria and an important east west turntable in European air traffic. Already 2004 it had increases of 15,7 per cent in passenger growth; with the movements a plus of 14,1 per cent; a plus of 18,6 per cent with the maximum take-off weight and with the air freight a plus of 21,0 per cent registers. As a point day became the 5. September with 58.981 dispatched passengers registers. The passenger numbers rise enormously, also because the catchment area of the airport with the European Union extension extends far into the east of the new member states. This made the airport also the logistic center of many companies, which serve from here on the entire Eastern European area.

The airport Vienna AG with the airport Luqa on Malta maintains close co-operation. In the course of the privatisations in the Slowakei offered the airport in the context of the Bieterkonsortiums TwoOne with the Raiffeisen central bank and a slowakischen banking syndicate for the assumption of the airport M.R. Štefánik in Bratislava, which Vienna as the second, cheaper airport could serve, on. However the airport Braitslava is denationalized only together with the substantially smaller in Košice. In December 2005 this group was recommended of the responsible commission in the Slowakei the slowakischen government as best bidder. The cabinet members however requested the Bietergruppe as well as the zweitgereihten Spanish Bieter to rework a second time to put offers. To 27. January 2006 was TwoOne again best bidders. The endültige decision that the airport with 66% at the airport Bratislava and Košice holds, fell at the 1. February 2006. The purchase price was with 299 million euro.

By the likewise angedachten assumption of the airport Ferihegy in Budapest meanwhile in the meantime distance was taken.

In September 2005 the new Flugsicherungstower was opened. With its 109 m height it is the highest to the point of construction period in Europe.

Neuer und alter Tower (bereits abgerissen)
New and old Tower (already torn off)

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traffic route

  • Bus services Vienna air haven LINEs: Several Buslinien drive, usually in the half hour clock, from several points into Vienna (Sweden place, south station, west station) directly or with few stops from and to the airport. The travel lasts depending upon distance and traffic conditions between 20 and 35 minutes.

Between the individual traffic routes large differences in prices exist. At the most favorable one is the travel with the rapid-transit railway. For a travel to Vienna is a ticket for 2 FORWARDS - to solve zones, with which one can drive on also in Vienna. Who in the possession of advance booking tickets or a mains circuit board is not, must for the loosening of an appropriate ticket after abolishment of sales sale on the platform however a ticket automat use, which is blocked by localunaquainted tourists almost constantly however, who obviously do not get along with the menu guidance (well). A ticket for the CAT costs a multiple of the rapid-transit railway. One drive on within Vienna with further means of transport must when using the CAT again be paid, since this is not integrated into the traffic group of the BEFORE.

projects at the airport Vienna

  • building of a further runway than parallel course to the runway 114/294 with approximately 3,500 m length and 2.400km south (commencement of construction: 2008, completion: 2013)
  • Build a further terminal SKYLINK (commencement of construction 23. January 2006, completion: 2008): Surface: 71,000 m ², length: 460 m, width: 33 m, had 51 gates, northern side of the jetty eight Andockpositionen offer for short and medium-haul aircrafts, southern side offer nine Andockpositionen (of it five for giant airplanes like the airbus A380), to terminal range: Surface: 76,000 m ², length: 270 m, sufficient place for further 96 check in switches and Shops or Lounges, direct binding to the likewise again planned underground station by escalators

approaching airlines

further airlines in the charter and/or freight traffic.

data of the runways

the two courses of the airport at the right contour.

Course 11/29

    • adjustment: 114/294°
    • length: 3500m
    • broad: 45m
    • condition: Bitumen
    • ILS frequencies: Course 11: 110.3 (OEW)/course 29: 109.55 (OEX)

course 16/34

    • adjustment: 162/342°
    • length: 3600m
    • broad: 45m
    • condition: Bitumen
    • ILS frequencies: Course 16: 108.5 (OEZ)/course 34: 108.1 (OEN)



the airport 1938 built as military airfield, there was accommodated the flighter pilot school 5 to 1945, in order afterwards of the British allied one to be taken over. 1954 were created the operating company and took over the role of the former airfield vienna Aspern. The only starting and runway at that time in the year 1959 to 3,000 meters and 1960 a new terminal building were extended were established. The second runway was established 1972 with a length by 3,600 meters. In the year 1982 the binding took place to the east motorway A4.

Already in the time before the opening of the iron curtain the airport was a connecting link to Eastern Europe due to the neutrality.

To 27. December 1985 committed a terror command a notice on the airport vienna Schwechat. Three terrorists stormed briefly after nine o'clock over the eastern stairs into the departure building and rolled three hand grenades into the passenger queue, which at the switches three and four on the dispatching of the El aluminium - flight waited. They shot subsequently, with submachine guns around itself. The police answered the fire. With the notice and the following fire fight four humans, 45 further died were hurt. Under the dead ones also one was the assassin; its both comrades were placed after a pursuit on the motorway by the police. At the same time a second group of terror on the airport Rome Fiumicino committed a similar notice, which more humans fell to the victim. Abu Nidals terrorist organization took the responsibility for both notices.

From cause of this notice by the police at the airport the employment unit Kranich was brought into being, which by special training and equipment is prepared for threats of terror.

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