Aircraft crash

Crashtest of a remote controlled Boeing 720

as aircraft crash or generally as „crash “one designates a flight accident, in which the machine loses its airworthyness and no more can be landed controlled. The aircraft crash differs thereby from the crash landing with which it with a controlledForced landing came to damages.

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only in the rarest cases is responsible a singular event for the crash of a machine, in nearly all cases is it a combination of several causes, which can be divided into groups:

  • human errors: They are the most frequent cause and tempt fast to hasty accusations. Here it applies to consider that it falls substantially more easily, a situation as well as the knowledge conditions afterwards withoutto evaluate the pressure of a danger situation.
  • reduced view: With the predominant majority of the aircraft crashes the view was strongly or substantially reduced at the time of the accident.
  • weather-related influences: For this influences count by heavy rain, hail impact, storms and Thermiken.
  • technical failure: Technical defects e.g. onthe primary structures of an aircraft
  • mechanical destruction: These e.g. step. after a bomb attack up.
  • Collisions in air: Always human failure precedes this cause.

After a flight accident the causes are examined by the responsible authorities. The authorities of the country are responsible, in itsTerritory the crash occurred. Usually however further circles are referred into the determinations or to have insight. To it belong:

  • The manufacturer
  • of the operators
  • the investigation authority of the country, in that the machine was registered

in Germany is „the Federal Agency for flight accident investigation “(BFU)responsibly for the flight accident investigation.


Flugzeugabsturz - Korean Airlines Flug 801 am 5. August 1997 (227 Menschen starben, 27 überleben)
aircraft crash - Korean airlines flight 801 to 5. August 1997 (227 humans died, 27 survive)

under the reporting of the media and the terms like e.g., coined/shaped thereby. „Cheap flier " after the misfortune of a machine of the saving air developsvery easily a distorted image over the risks to come by a flight accident to damage. The argumentation in discussions over the security of flying pretty often due to different interpretation of statistics and with probabilities derived from it and the accidents are led essentially on the basis the numberthe victims compared.

Despite the world-wide very high flight arising and a transportation alone within the passenger range of more than 2 billion Humans per year are aircraft crashes in the range of civilian aviation very rare events.

The following airlines (in parentheses year of the establishment, remarks) had since their establishmentno crash. (List incompletely, conditions August 2005):

aircraft crashes with mostVictims

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