Pilot and observer badges

the pilot and observer badge is an honor of the Air Force of the German armed forces, who to 26. March 1936 by realm marshal Hermann Göring was donated.

A condition for the award common pilot and observer badges was the award of the pilot badge or observer badge already taken place. In accordance with the guidelines of 2. May 1944 must have passed at least one year between the award of pilot badges or observer badges and the common pilot and observer badge.

The commander in chief of the Air Force, Hermann Göring, could lend it him to exceptional cases also at foreigners.

The badge was originally made from bronze, in the last war years of fine zinc. It was carried to the uniform on the left chest side, if necessary under the iron cross 1. Class.

The pilot and observer badge in gold with brilliants were lent only in special cases and honour for the sake of. Altogether it was only 60 times lent 60.

list with the pilot and observer badge in gold with brilliants of the Beliehenen

(ranks at the time of the award!)

of honour-half (at Nichtangehörige of the Air Force)



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