River landscape of the yearly

river landscape of the yearly, occasionally also river of the yearly mentioned, is simultaneous an honor for a river landscape, assigned since 2000 every two years, and an admonishment by the federation of the nature friends of Germany and German angler federation to the public, in order to sensitize it for the interests of environmental protection and to encourage the authorities for intervention.

allocation practice

as well as the Federal Ministry of Environment is specified upon the request of the nature friends of Germany and the German angler federation the river landscape of the yearly. For the respective selection of the river landscape the two federations furnished a common council waters ecology, which is responsible also for planning and execution of the respective program, which is locally agreed upon with the authorities.

The appointment as the river landscape of the yearly takes place traditionally on the international day of the water, that 22. March.


a goal of the project is it to win by meetings, actions and documentation the population for the natural and cultural beautifulnesses of a river landscape and to clear it up over the threats - particularly by an unnatural development of the river -.

past river landscapes of the yearly

2000 - 2001 the Gottleuba
2002 - 2003 the Ilz
2004 - 2005 the Havel
2006 - 2007 the Schwarza


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