Flussregenpfeifer (Charadrius dubius)
Class: Birds (Aves)
subclass: Neukiefervögel (Neognathae)
order: Regenpfeiferartige (Charadriiformes)
family: Regenpfeifer (Charadriidae)
kind: Charadrius
kind: Flussregenpfeifer
scientific name
Charadrius dubius
Scopoli, 1786

the Flussregenpfeifer (Charadrius dubius) is a kind of bird from the family of the Regenpfeifer (Charadriidae).

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an attained full growth Flussregenpfeifer becomes 15 to 18 cm largely and weighs 25 to 55 G. The wingspan reaches 34 to 45 cm. Its back is brown and its lower surface is white colored. The short bill is dark and its legs is brown-yellow colored. The Flussregenpfeifer has black eyes with a yellow eye ring. The front part of the head is black-and-white drawn. Likewise the Flussregenpfeifer possesses a black collar. Males and females have the same colouring. Its call sounds in approximately as “piu” or “pri”.


of the Flussregenpfeifer lives gravel surfaces on mud - , sand - , and in excavator lakes. (except Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Iceland) Excavator lakes as well as gravel pits are most however only opportunities of evasion, since then it only very few natural river courses with Kiesbänken gives. In the winter time November until February is the Langstreckenzieher, mainly in the night to his winter accomodation flies, Guest in the Mediterranean area and in Africa.


of the Flussregenpfeifer nourishes itself worms, spiders, insects, larvae and other soft animals.


the breeding time extends from April to July. The nest is a hollow in the soil and with plant parts and other materials is laid out. The female puts four eggs by their color pattern is well camouflaged. Both parents warm the eggs four weeks long to then the Küken slip. With threatening danger lure parents, by a behavior named tempting,the animals in another direction and try to protect so their boys. In Germany the existence becomes estimated on 3000 breeding's pairs. The Flussregenpfeifer is a threatened kind of bird.


the Flussregenpfeifer is bird of the yearly 1993.

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