Fokker F-27

Fokker F-27 600

the Fokker F-27 Friendship is a propeller - airliner of the Netherlands airplane manufacturer Fokker. With 800 built airplanes it is the most successful turbo-prop. of the world.

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the development began into the 1950ern, in order to replace the Douglas DC-3. The result was a Hochdecker with two Rolls-Royces Dart engines and a pressurized cabin for at the beginning of 28 passengers. The first prototype flew to 24. November 1955. The second prototype was extended by approximately a meter, since the airplane in flight testing turned out as nose-up.

1956 closed Fokker a contract with Fairchild for the production of the airplane in the USA. The first airplane built there flew to 12. April 1958. The first standard model -100 seized now 44 passengers, and 1958 at the Erstkunden, the Irish Aer Lingus was delivered. With a stronger engine developed the -200.

The most well-known model -500 had 1.5 m a longer trunk and place for 52 passengers. It flew for the first time in November 1967.

The third Serienmaschine, an airplane of the series of -100, stands today as exhibit in the Aviodrome museum in the Netherlands Lelystad. The museum possesses also parts of the prototype.


F27-300M Troopship
  • -300M - “Troopship” for the royal Netherlands Air Force
  • -400 - “combi” with a lateral freight door
  • -600 - a freight version of the -200
  • -700 - -100 with a large freight door
  • FH227 - one of Fairchild Hiller extended version

technical data

for the F27-200:

  • Manufacturer: Fokker aircraft plants
  • length: 23.5 m
  • span: 29.0 m
  • wing area: 70,00 m 2
  • max. ones. Takeoff weight MTOW: 19,050 kg
  • of max. ones. Cruising speed: 483 km/h
  • range: 1,468 km
  • service ceiling: 9935 m
  • of engines: 2x Rolls-Royce Dart Mk528 Turboprops


the following airlines bought those to Fokker F-27 as new airplane:


the following airlines operate the F-27:

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