Food and Agriculture Organization

the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a special organization of the UN with seat in Rome. In the German linguistic area the FAO is well-known also under the designations world nourishing organization or nourishing and agriculture organisation of the United Nations.

The FAO has the task, thoseTo improve production and the distribution of agricultural products generally and food in the special world-wide, in order to guarantee the nutrition and improve the standard of living. For this purpose the FAO z has. B. the Codex Alimentarius develops, which defines international standards for food security.

ThoseFAO became to 16. October 1945 in Québec, Canada based. Of its establishment since then annually also the “world hunger day” reminds world nourishing day mentioned as a UN anniversary. 1951 became the seat of Washington D.C. to Rome shifts. To 25. November 2000 were 180 states and the European union Member.

The FAO essentially concentrates on four ranges:

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