Football League OF Europe

the football League OF Europe (FLE) was a European semi professional league in the American football. It was renamed 1994 based , 1995 in American football League OF Europe (AFLE), and dissolved after 1995 again.

October 1993 for the first time plans became known to table of contents 1


) of the FLE 1,1 the establishment 1,2, after which 1994 a European league in the American football should be created. Already in November was it then so far: The football League OF Europe (FLE) was born. Under the leadership the Hamburg Blue Devils eight European teams were together, of 30. April to 10. Septembers 1994 against each other to begin wanted.

the season 1994

the season 1994 the FLE had the following group organization:

North Conference

cent ral Conference

seasonal trend

the final of the season 1994 took place before 18.000 spectators in Hamburg people park stadiums . The Stockholm Nordic Vikings defeated guest-giving Hamburg Blue Devils with 43:35. But despite the good spectator saying in the final the league had difficulties. The anvisierte cut of 5.000 fans per play could be achieved only by the Blue Devils and save to.

the season 1995

1995 started the league under the easily changed name American football League OF Europe (AFLE). Three teams of the first season will step out already after the first year: Hamburg, Berlin and Helsinki. In Frankfurt the Knights began the follow-up of the Gamblers , and in Munich the Bavarian Blue Falcons the Thunder should beerben. Again with it: The Bergamo Lions.

Briefly before beginning of season the straight created Bavarian Blue Falcons had to call however their participation off, so that the planned organization into two groups did not come to three teams each. Instead the following five crews began:

seasonal trend

the play enterprise had to fight to z with some irregularities. B. became closed save to after five plays of the league guidance. At the end of the season 1995 the Bergamo Lions with 14:0 stood ungeschlagen at the point and could so the championship win.

the end

with the change the Hamburg Blue Devils into the German football League had lost (A) the FLE after the season 1994 their presenting team. The irregularities with save to the 1995, the door of three teams, the retreat of the Bavarian Blue Falcons briefly before beginning of season and the still moderate spectator numbers - all led to the end (A) of the FLE.

The new league Commissioner Gary Timm mentioned in the spring 1996 to start in the year 1997 with a new concept but since that is to be heard from (A) the FLE nothing more to.

the Posse save to

the extremely unusual football play saw those approximately 1,000 spectators of the meeting Great Britain save to against the Bavarian Blue Falcons in the season 1995. The hook thereby: The Blue Falcons had said good-bye briefly before beginning of season from the league. The play took place however nevertheless - like that? The team, which entered the playing field to the German national anthem, consisted of the substitutes of the guest-giving save to. Nearly it would have remained unnoticed, but when one removed the alleged Bajuwaren despite prohibition its helmet, it was recognized by spectators. As remuneration the present fans for the remainder of the regular season received to free entrance. The play result was by the way 108:62 for save to.

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