the term of the Forensik comes from latin forum „market place, forum “, since before times legal proceedings, investigations, pronouncements of judgment as well as the execution of sentences publicly and usually on the market place were accomplished. Therefore the attribute designates forensisch everything that has a judicial or kriminologischen character. The term is not limited therebyonly on the ranges of the criminal law (z. B. the right medicine and the forensische psychiatry), but cover each vocational activity within each legal proceedings.

Also in the idiom forensische Traumatologie in the sense of the right medicine, which is concerned with physical injuries, it is common. Likewise admitsis the forensische Entomologie, which is concerned with the clearing-up of the death circumstances by means of the interpretation of insect finds with corpses. In the forensischen toxicology it goes around the proof from poisons, the forensische Serologie concerns itself with the evaluation of blood-pure and other secretions andMaterials. In the forensischen ballistics projectiles are compared and projectile effects judged and the forensische Daktyloskopie evaluate finger marks. Forensische linguistics (rather forensische phonetics) examines language for a kriminologischen aspect, z. B. with the statement of the author of a blackmail letter. The forensische Osteologie identifiesThe same tries persons on the basis the skeleton , the forensische Odontologie on the basis the dentures. The forensische psychiatry is concerned with the evaluation of offenders regarding its criminally liableness and the estimate of their danger.

As a famous pioneer of the Forensik Joseph Bell, the historical model of the novel figure is considered Shearing LOCK of cross-beam.

See also: Measure execution, right medicine, DNA analysis, IT-Forensik

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