a formatting (of latin forma „form, shape “) designation in the EDP arranging and structuring data after a sample.

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Format from texts

in the text processing refers formatting to the representation of text documents. In earlier times with it often only the representation on the paper was meant. Nowadays the documents on the screen are indicated in the same way, how they are printed out later(see WYSIWYG). Here is the choice of the character fonts and styles of font included, e.g. fat or italically. The moreover one the appearance of individual paragraphs as well as the total layout of the text belong to.

Also the articles in the Wikipedia are formatted. The following page describes the necessary commands for it: Format in Wikipedia

a formatting of data media

with this term within the range of the data storage all those processes are designated, by which a storage medium is prepared for the admission of data.

One differentiates thereby two stages:

  • Low level formatting - the physical organization of a storage medium into tracesand sectors by the hardware (CONTROLLER).
  • High level formatting - the logical organization of the data medium with a file system by a software (usually by the operating system).

By the condition, certain industrielle standards or special use the physical organization of the medium as standard, is a Low level formatting is so far already certainnot separately necessarily, and/or. both procedures can be made, so at the same time for example with disks, CD-ROM, CD-RW or DVD ROM/RW.

Low level formatting

there non removable disks technically and from their size strongly, are necessary two stages of the preparation vary. Usually becomes therefore from the respectiveManufacturer equal following production a Low level formatting accomplished.

This organization procedure can be repeated by the user only exeptionally, as far as an accordingly suitable BIOS the used of the computer/CONTROLLER or a special software for it open the possibility. This happens then usually in hope, an arisento be able to neutralize serious error of the data medium by a re-classification. Since against such errors alternatively also by overwriting of all storage locations for example with „zeros “can be proceeded, and possibly. existing data thereby just like with a Low level formatting to be almost irreparably destroyed, becomes falsely often alsothis procedure as Low level formatting marks.

All non removable disk manufacturers generally advise against to accomplish even a Low level formatting.

High level formatting

the term „High level formatting “is relatively uncommon. Usually and used generalizing only the generic term is shortened „formatting “for it. This becomes general contrary to Low level formatting by the respectiveUser made and determines the logical organization of the data medium with a file system.

Depending upon configuration and as a function of the used operating system thereby a physical data medium can be formatted either altogether as a partition with a file system, or, there contrary to Low level formatting hereonly a logical organization takes place, can a data medium before also divided into several partitions and these, possibly in each case. even with completely different file systems to be furnished. In the case of a High level formatting the old data are not available, there them no longer through appropriate of references in the new file systemin the file system to be referenziert. They are however not necessarily deleted. Usually they remain purely physically on the non removable disk, until they are overwritten with new data. With appropriate software a large re-establishment is then still easily possible.

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