Away Erie

away Erie (inhabitant: 28.143 in the year 2001) is a city at the Niagara river in Ontario, Canada. The Niagara river represents a natural border between Canada and Buffalo, New York, the USA .

Away Erie, from which a Britisher 1764 establishes, served during the American movement of independence as arms camp for the British armed forces. When the war between the USA and Great Britain broke 1812 off, away Erie was in the midst of a new building phase, so that the British were surprised by the Americans and away Erie on Diesel-bend lost. The Americans occupied away Erie a time long and could thereby two attack attempts of the British repel. Later the Americans destroyed away Erie and returned in the winter 1814 to Buffalo . The ruins were restored 1939 as tourist attraction.

To 7. August 1927 was opened the Peace Bridge between Buffalo and away Erie.

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coordinates: 42° 54 ′ 46 " n. Break, 78° 55 ′ 15 " w. L.


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