Away George (Canada)

away George is a fortress early 19. Century at the Niagara River in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada, which attained strategic meaning during the war of 1812 with the USA.

Away George was established of the British Royal Army, after on the other side Niagara River away Niagara in the course of the Jay contract, lain , had to be vacated of 1794 with the USA in the summer 1796. The plant fastened in range of vision from away Niagara convenient, with earth barriers and Palisaden was placed 1802 finished and was directed against a threat of Canada by the USA. It became the headquarters of the regular troops stationed in the region and the local Milizverbände.

This function held the away also after the outbreak of the war of 1812 , while that the USA undertook several attempts to conquer Canada. It served major general Sir Isaac breaks into, the British commander in upper Canada, as accomodation, as this after its successes in the west (conquest from away Mackinac and Detroit the border at the Niagara River against an invasion of the American „Army OF the centers “under major general Stephen Van Rensselaer to secure tried. In the battle of Queenston Heights to 13. Octobers 1812 could the British an American invasion attempt defeat and to in terms of figures far superior aggressors a heavy defeat add, had this success however with death Brocks pay. At a heavy artillery bombardment, with which the away was destroyed to a large extent, it succeeded to superior US troops under major general Henry Dearborn, it to 27. To occupy May 1813. The small garrison under Brigadier General John Vincent withdrew itself after the loss of 52 dead ones as well as 360 wounded and missed into the interior. The attempts of the Americans to conquer from there from upper Canada failed however by the British victories in the battles with Stoney Creek and Beaver Dams to 6. and 24. June. The Americans the Canadian bank Niagara of the River vacated and gave end of 1813 also away George under the pressure of British troops under Sir Gordon Drummond in the December of this yearly. By the conquest from away, taking place shortly thereafter, the British the threat of their location, which they extended by the building from away Mississauga and the barracks plant Butler ' s bar rack, eliminated Niagara. This position could in the summer 1814 be kept successful, as the Americans after its victory in the battle with Chippewa of 5. July the away threatened again, into which British federations had withdrawn themselves under major general Phineas Riall. The British victory in the bloody battle with Lundy's Lane (25. July) terminated the threat finally.

Away George remained location of the Royal Army and later the Canadian armed forces, until these gave it to 1965 up. Already into the 1930er years was away George into the condition early 19. Century back shifted. The historical fortification is maintained now by the Canadian national park administration, which uses it exhibitions , Reenactments and other representations of this time.

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