Away Mackinac

away Mackinac is a fortress late 18. Century on the island Mackinac Iceland in US - the Federal State Michigan. It secured the strategically important Straits OF Mackinac (Mackinacstrasse), the transition between the Michigan lake and the Huronsee

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the Frenchmen

the Straits OF Mackinac

had controlled century

Fort Mackinac, Michigan
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] history [work on ] for Mackinac, Michigan before 1763 by the away Michilimackinac at the southern coast of the passage. After the end of the French colonial empire by the Frenchman and Indian war (seven-year-old war) and the following peace of Paris took over British troops the away. Since British military its situation for too exposes and held badly to defend, they built a new , stone during the American war of independence 1780 - 1781 away on rock of Mackinac Iceland. Like several other attachments in the west (away Niagara, away Oswego, away Detroit) away Mackinac remained after the end of the war in British hand, although the area the USA had been slammed shut. Only 1796, after the conclusion of the Jay contract, took the British garrison off.

war of 1812

with beginning of the war of 1812 was away Mackinac occupied by an American garrison of 60 men under the command of second lieutenant Porter Hanks. The British major general Sir into Isaac break, which had foreseen the outbreak of the war, sent promptly an expedition from British and indianischen troops, in order to surprise away Mackinac before becoming known the declaration of war. The aggressors landed 17 in the morning . , The away changed and directed July over 1812 at the north end of the island two cannons toward it. The Americans capitulated thereupon without fight. After the income of the island the new British garrison among Colonels Robert McDouall on the highest point of the island built a away George designated attachment. The conquest from away Mackinac was a psychologically extremely important success, which made on the Indians a large impression and it induced to follow the Britisher.

In July 1814 the Americans tried to back-conquer the island. The attack was part of one of Colonel George Croghan and his superior general William Henry Harrison devised campaign, which aimed at to separate the fur business connections between the British and the Indians. To 27. July reached a Schwadron of five US warships with 700 soldiers the island. Croghan had to determine however that away George lay too highly, in order by the cannons of the warships to be reached. The Americans concentrated therefore on away Mackinac and fired at it two days long, however without considerable effect, since most projectiles in the vegetable gardens of the garrison landed.

After the Americans were forced by a dense fog for one week to the retreat by the island, they landed their troops under major Andrew of cross-beam at the south end of the island. The Americans had to fight themselves through dense forest and turned out finally into a carefully stationed British ambush. After the loss of 13 dead ones - under it major Holmes - and 51 withdrew themselves the Americans wounded escape-like and vacated the island. This failure was completed by the loss of two ships left by Croghan, which were taken in September by a hand caper of British sailors and soldiers. The British kept away Mackinac up to the end of the war occupied.

19. and 20. Century

after the end of the war and the departure of the British garrison took over again US troops the away, which was designated after the commander of the unsuccessful attack of 1815 away cross-beam. During 19. Century was the away starting point of important discovery journeys into the northern area of the today's State of Michigan, among other things for the Forschungsreise of Lewis Cass to the sources Mississippi. Temporarily Henry Schoolcraft held the post of an Indian agent into the 1830er, which was a pioneer of the research of Indian languages.

From 1875 to 1895 the away and a large part of the island a component of the Mackinac were national park, the second national park of the USA national after the Yellowstone park. Afterwards it was transferred to the State of Michigan and converted into the Mackinac Iceland State park, the first state park into Michigan. The museum away Mackinac covers 14 historical buildings and tightens each year of about 800,000 visitors.

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