Away Oswego

away Oswego was a British attachment 18. Century at the delta of the Oswego River in the Ontariosee in the area today's US - of the Federal State New York.

The area around the Ontariosee was since a journey of Samuel de Champlain in the year 1616 scene of the activities of French fur dealers and mission arene. Beginning 18. Century expanded the British into this region, in order to participate at the lucrative trade with the Indians. 1722 established it at the delta of the Oswego a fastened commercial post on the east bank of the river. In the course of the years further attachments with changing names were supplemented, which donated confusion again and again. Altogether there were three coherent Forts within this range; for the entire complex the designation was in-patriated away Oswego. It served particularly as trading base, in addition, as military basis for arguments with the Frenchmen. For the first time it was used for this during the Austrian succession war (1740 - 1748).

The Frenchmen regarded the building from away Oswego as penetration into area stressed of them and suffered noticeable losses by from there outgoing commercial activities. Therefore there were 1748 plans for a military strike since the end of the war against the away, which was not implemented however. After the outbreak of the Frenchman and Indian war (seven-year-old war) (1755 - 1763) the British used away Oswego as starting point for military operations within the range of the large seas. The attachments were renewed and extended, on the west bank of the river developed away for Ontario as an outguard of the Hauptforts. The British troops - usually militias from new England -, stationed here, suffered partly substantially from lack of supply and diseases.

In August 1756 general Louis Joseph de Montcalm with an army of 3.000, consisting of line troops, Canadian militias and Indians, advanced men from away Ticonderoga out toward away Oswego, whose was from diseases and hunger troubled garrison in a bad condition and whose defenses were not posed. The British vacated first away Ontario and withdrew themselves to away Oswego, left to the Frenchmen however thereby a superelevated position, from which they could take the inside from away to Oswego with their artillery under fires. With the following French bombardment - partially also in the battle at the Monongahela captured cannons - the British commander Colonel Mercer was killed. The defenders discouraged thereby capitulated in view of their hopeless situation briefly thereafter to 15. August 1756. Montcalm recompenced its indianischen allied ones with the fact that he permitted them the plundering of the Forts; thereupon the attachments were destroyed and the Frenchmen withdrew themselves with 1.700 prisoners and captured British flags to Canada, where the latters in the churches were issued by Montréal and Québec. The victory of Oswego arranged a set of Indian trunks, which had behaved neutrally so far or had been allied with the British to follow now the Frenchmen. To it also the Seneca and Oneida belonging to the master federation of the Irokesen belonged.

After the British had driven the Frenchmen out 1759 finally from the area of the large seas, they began Ontario, which was called in the consequence „away Oswego “with the reconstruction of a Forts at the location from away, lain military-technically better. It got over the Pontiac rebellion of 1764 intact; 1766 were subjected here its to leader Pontiac the Britisher under Sir William Johnson. In American war of independence served away Oswego as British military basis and secured together with away Niagara the supply lines to Canada. To the peace treaty of Paris of 1783 according to it was on American area, but retarded the evacuation due to different discrepancies between Great Britain and the USA, until these were solved in the Jay contract and the British garrison in the summer took off 1796.

Military meaning won away Oswego for the last time during the British-American war of 1812. The Americans stored here extensive articles of equipment and supplies for their fleet on the large lakes. To 5. British warships the away bombarded and landed May 1814 troops, which conquer the attachment after hard combat. The British lost here 15 dead ones and 62, the Americans about 25 dead ones, 25 prisoners and an unknown number of wounding wounded. Briefly after their victory the British took off under taking along of supplies stored more extensively there.

In 19. Century was covered the area of the Forts with houses of the city Oswego ( New York ), militarily any longer not used. Because of the location from away George is today the Montcalm park.

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