as a photographer is designated a person, who makes photographic illustrations.

Some the numerous operating fields of the photographer are among other things Portraitfotografie, nature photography, the journalistic photography, the artistic photography, landscape photography, special, mode, advertising or the industrial photography.

The borders of these operating fields are in the everyday life usually flowing. Even if many photographers process their photos (similar or digitally), not to assign are this activity any longer inevitably the photographer. This would be the task of the Fotolaboranten or EBV specialist (electronic image processing).

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“photographer” was strictly speaking the job title of the Lichtbildners in the handicraft. Since the reform of the handicraft ordinance it ranks however among the permission-free handicrafts,so that it everyone possible is to be made independent as Fotografe. Lichtbildner non--relating to crafts and professional has other job titles like e.g. Picture journalist or photo designer. During the term photo designers always freely to be used could may the academic title “diploma photo designer” onlyafter successfully completed study to be led.

fields of application

the demarcation of the fields of application and topics in the occupation photography can happen here only very roughly, since many Lichtbildner in several areas are active.

Classical handicraft photography

the domain of the classical handicraft photographersis making wedding photos, passport pictures and similar Studioportraits.

Picture journalism

the picture journalist provides picture stories in close co-operation with the writing colleagues. One of the most famous representatives of this category is James Nachtwey. One the most important honor for this group of photographers is thosehonor lent “WORLD annually PRESSES PHOTO”.

Photo Design

(diploma) of the photo designers, sets his emphasis in the conceptional elaboration of photographic topics. Its work areas are frequently the advertisement and the free art and author photography. In the advertisement he works for the commercialMarket. He works with current trends and possibly creates also new, which are taken up at the end even in the Olymp of the contemporary art. Examples for this are the Werbekampagne of the photographer Oliviero Toscani for Benetton as well as the photographies of Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh or Guy Bourdin.


the photography is also a popular hobby of amateurs, who provide photographies in their spare time (amateur photography, snapshot photography) and partly also develop. Increasingly likes with photo amateursis the digital photography, with which the success or failure of the own photographies can be tested immediately.

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