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the Fox Broadcasting company (FBC) - at the market under the designations FOX and FOX network arising - an US-American television is - network. The Fox Entertainment Group, which is again some of of Rupert Murdoch news corporation , belongs to 1986 created enterprises.

The first transmission to 9. October 1986, the first transmission day of FBC (the transmitter identification was changed later on FOX) was a Late Night show with Joan Rivers. Since that time the network brought a multiplicity of transmissions out - apart from shallow Comedy public successes also much-praised such as The X-files, 24 or the Simpsons.

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the basis for the creation of the FBC was put in March 1985, as News Corp. for 250 million US Dollar 50% the TCF of getting thing, the parent company of the Filmstudios 20th Century Fox (TCF) took over. Six months later, in September agreed Murdoch also the assumption of the remaining 50% the TCF of getting thing for further 325 million US Dollar.

Already in May 1985, after assumption of the first half of TCF, News Corp. acquired by John intelligent Metromedia for 1.55 billion US Dollar of six television stations, those to the Fox Television station Group, to which future backbone of the FBC network were united. The six transmitters in the large US population centres covered: KTTV in Los Angeles, WFLD in Chicago, KDAF in Dallas (at grandstand later sells, than The stock - Affiliate), KRIV in Houston, WNEW (today WNYW) in New York and WTTG in Washington. Together these first six transmitters 22% of the US households took, further own transmitters and Affiliates off followed later.

In October 1985 Murdoch announced its intention fourth of creating large network that it with bend to Three NBC, CBS and ABC could take up, publicly. Murdoch planned to use the capacities of the acquired Filmstudios and the former Metromedia transmitters together and to produce and radiate the contents of in-House - a practice, which over many years of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) one did not wait. Up to the grant of the assumption of the Metromedia transmitters in March 1986 therefore also the Organisationsstuktur of the network was not specified.

To 6. May 1986 finally presented FBC to Murdoch , together with its new CEO Barry Diller and Comedian Joan Rivers, the first “face” of the new network. The very modest program for the start of the network planned for the time being only a daily Late Night Talkshow, The Late show star ring Joan Rivers, ajar against the Late Night program of the competition networks.

As to 9. October 1986 the network on transmission went, would send 96 transmitters - six own and 90 Affiliates - the program, with a theoretical cover of 80 per cent of the US households. In contrast to it bend Three with well in each case 210 Affiliates worked and achieved thereby theoretical covers of over 97 per cent of the households.

Although at the beginning of only one transmission one radiated, one already worked at the network on the production of new programs, in order to be able to send in the future on one evening in the week in the timetime time.

1980-he 1980

  • transmit mode in the timetime time: starting from 5. April 1987 in each case one hour on Sunday
  • first time transmissiontransmission time transmissions:
    • Married… with Children (a terriblly nice family; 1987-1997, 11 Seasons, 262 consequences; Columbia Pictures Television)
    • The Tracey Ullman show (1987-1990, 4 Seasons, 82 consequences; 20th Century Fox Television)
  • “spin off” the Tracey Ullman show:
    • The Simpsons (the Simpsons; 1989-tba, 17+ Seasons, 356+ consequences; 20th Century Fox Television)
  • first successful timetime time drama:
    • 21 Jump Street (1987-1991; 5 Seasons, 103 consequences; 20th Century Fox Television, Cannell Productions)
  • first Reality formats
    • America's Most Wanted (since 1988)
    • COPS (since 1989)
  • transmit mode in a second evening (Saturday) starting from 11. July 1987; Start with four short-lived shows:
    • Mr. President
    • Women in Prison
    • The new Adventures OF Beans Baxter
    • Second chance
  • continuous extension to seven transmission evenings until 1993


defiance of some successful transmissions did not have the network into the early 1990er a considerable market share. This changed slowly, after News Corp. different enterprises began to buy up, which possessed television stations. By the additional purchase of new World Communications, Chris strength Industries, BHC Communications and United Television became the Fox Television station Group the largest Stationseignerin of the USA.


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