Breakfast television

breakfast television is the name for a television broadcast, which takes and in the morning , thus between 5:30 and 11:00, is radiated 2-4 hours depending upon day and transmitter. Contents are differently, contained however frequent depending upon transmitter:

contents are usually prepared to short contributions, so that the television habits of the target audience, which pursues few minutes the transmission in the morning usually only, becomes fair: Messages and weather repeat themselves in the halfhour rhythm, the other topics occupy usually firm transmitting times and certain contributions during the transmission are several times sent.

With the private stations the breakfast television is interrupted through - likewise quite short, frequent - advertising blocks but.

Outrider of the breakfast television in the German-speaking countries was the private station SAT.1, starting from 1. October 1987 between 6.00 and 9.00 o'clock the transmission good one mornings with SAT.1 radiated. The transmission was rather maintenance and councellor-oriented, brought accordingly current music video tie-clips, plays (golden shot and superball) and experts to the most diverse topics of the daily life in the Studio. The portion of current information was measured in a study in the year 2000 with 28,3 per cent. The transmission was moderated among other things by wolf Dieter gentleman Mr., Sabrina Fox (geb. Lallinger), Armin resounds, Rita Werner and Susanne gets (today with pool of broadcasting corporations up-to-date).

The public transmitters entered only in the early 90's into the breakfast television, them took over at the beginning of the early program citizens of Berlin of the transmitter RIAS-TV (Ruge and Günther Neufeldt moderate) from Nina and produce only since 1992 own morning endings. The information portion is higher thereby with 68,1 per cent than with the private stations.

A breakfast television radiate in the German-speaking countries nowadays among other things:


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