the word Frame designates

  • the English word Frame (English. Framework)
    • the visible screen window of a film.
    • Frames in films, animations and computer games, see frame (film).
    • a technology for the partitioning of the indicator range of a Webbrowsers, see Frame (HTML).
    • oneTo entity, which is dispatched in a Ethernet network, see Ethernet.
    • To Konstrukte for the knowledge representation, see Frames (knowledge representation).
    • a term of the social sciences, see interpretation frameworks.
    • the counting unit with the Snooker, see Frame (Snooker).
    • the company Frame Technologies
    • an Irish skirt “n” - roll volume,see The Frames.
  • a lance of the Teutons, see Frame (weapon).
This side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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