François Christophe Edouard cellar man

François Christophe Edouard cellar man, duc de Valmy (* 16. April 1802 in Paris; † 2. October 1868 in Passy) was a French statesman and diplomat.

François Christophe Edouard cellar man, duke of Valmy, son of the general cellar man and grandchild of the marshal Kellermann, entered the diplomatic career during the restoration.

The Bourbonen always very devoted, he withdrew 1833 from the government service and was considered since then as a principal support of the legitimatistic party in the press both and in the chamber, into which he was selected 1842 by the section Toulouse. 1848 he withdrew completely from the political life and died themselves to 2. October 1868 in Passy.


  • “De la force you droit et you droit de la force” (1850)
  • “Histoire de la campagne de 1800” (1854, after papers of its father)
  • “Le génie of the peuples dans les kind” (1867)
  • and some political brochures.


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