François Claude Amour de Bouillé

François Claude Amour, marquis de Bouillé (* 19. November 1739 on lock Cluzel in the Auvergne; † 14. November 1800 in London) was a French general.

Bouillé became with 14 years a soldier and did in the seven-year-old war (1756 - 1763) in Germany out. Between 1768 and 1771 he was so successful as a governor von Guadeloupe that one made him for 1777 the governor general of Martinique and Santa Lucia. Here it was characterised again by a row more outstanding and well accomplished military enterprises. Bouillé was appointed the member of the national assembly in Paris (1787/88). 1790 he was commander in chief of the Maas -, Saar - and Moselarmee and kept despite the general confusion around him the order of his troop upright. To 31. October 1790 it struck down a rebellion in Nancy , for which the king and the national assembly it their thanks discussions.

1791 supported Bouillé the king with its escape attempt, but became Ludwig XVI. in Varennes imprisoned taken and to Paris led back. Bouillé represented produced kidnapping in a letter to the national assembly the escape as one of it . Thereupon it was spoken the high treason for guilty and condemned in absence. A head money was suspended on it. Bouillé lived from now on abroad.

François Claude Amour de Bouillé died to 14. November 1800 in London.


  • Mémoires sur la révolution française. London 1797


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