François Régis de La Bourdonnaye, comte de La Bretèche

François Régis de La Bourdonnaye, comte de La Bretèche (* 19. March 1767 with meadow; † 28. August 1839 with Beaupreau) was a French Minister.

It was with the outbreak of the revolution Munizipalbeamter of its father city. it fought to 1792 under the prince Condé, then with the Chouans and in the Vendée, submitted however at present the consulate of the new order and became Maire meadow. 1815 it stepped for the section Maine et Loire into the so-called Chambre introuvable and was nearly 15 Iahre long the head of the so-called countering opposition on extreme rights. One generally gave it the name of the white Jakobiners.

In the Ministry Jules de Polignacs it received the portfolio of the inside in August 1829, had however, since it came by its extreme suggestions themselves with its colleagues into contradiction, after three months its dismissal to take. The king Karl X. appointed it on it the Minister of State and the member of the royal secret advice. To 27. January 1830 he became Pair of France, lost however the Pairschaft by the July revolution. Since then it lived on its lock Mésangeau with Beaupreau, where it died 1839.

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