Francesco Durante

Francesco Durante (* 15. March 1684 (after other sources 1693) to Frattamaggiore with Neapel; † 13. August 1755 in Neapel) was an Italian composer of the baroque.


Durante received its musical education in Neapel at the conservatoires dei Poveri di Giesù Cristo (by Gaetano Greco) and Sant' Onofrio (by Alessandro Scarlatti). Later he dedicated, according to some studies in Rome , to a thorough study of the masterpieces of the Roman school and around 1718 the director of the first mentioned conservatoire appointed himself, whichPost it 1742 with that of the director of the conservatoire Santa Maria di Loreto exchanged. It died to 13. August 1755 in Neapel.

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Durantes compositions belong only to the church and the chamber to (for the theatre it did not write anything) and consist ofnumerous fairs, hymns, Motetten etc., which are written in the then new konzertierenden style usually for four obligatory voices and.

Its main earnings/services consist of it, as a teacher as as creative artists the traditions of the Roman school of the Palestrina for the Italian church music received toohave in a time, in which the same already the risk ran, by the opera to be flooded. For this reason he earns, beside Leonardo Leo with in the first place among the representatives from Alessandro of the Scarlatti justified - in the process of the century by onePiccini, Iomelli, Paisiello, at the absolute rule in Europe arrived to number of famous composers, like Pergolesi, - neapolitanischen school to be called.

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