Francis Bebey

Francis Bebey (* 15. July 1929 in Douala, Cameroon; † 28. May 2001 in Paris ) was a French musician and writer of Cameroonian origin.


Bebey spent its childhood in Cameroon, came however together with its family later to France.

Its entire artistic work submits Bebey in English, French or Doula. For its 1967 written novel “Le Fils d'Agatha Moudio” it was distinguished 1968 with „the Grand Prix littéraire de l'Afrique noire “, an important literary award of Africa. The German translation appeared 1969 under the title “the son of the Agatha Moudio”. For the novel “the rain child” it received the Saint Exupéry price.

At the age of 72 years Francis Bebey died to 28. May 2001 in Paris.


literature - German translations:


  • African Moonlight (1994)


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