Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola (* 7. April 1939 in Detroit, Michigan) is an US-American director and producer, who with films like the godfather, whose continuations and Apocalypse Now cinema history wrote.


Francis Ford Coppola with the film festivals in Cannes, 2001

its parents were the musician and composer Carmine Coppola and its Mrs. Italia. Coppola studied theatre sciences to the Hofstra University and visited the film school of the University OF California, Los Angeles.

Its direction debut gave Coppola 1961 with the Western gives it only in the wild west (Tonight for Sure), afterwards it turned the horror film Dementia 13. In the following years he exclusively worked for the American television.Its first large motion picture film was then the musical the golden rainbow (Finian's Rainbow, 1968). With this film category Coppola had however no lucky hand, and the circumstance that in the film a white is punished by the fact that itBecomes blacker, registered to it the reproach of the racingism . 1970 wrote Coppola as well as Edmund H. North the film script to Patton - rebel in uniform, for which the OSCAR was lent to it.

Starting from 1969 he tried, with the ownTo secure Filmstudio American Zoetrope commercial independence. it turned 1972 mafia epos the godfather (The Godfather), after a novel of Mario Puzo. This was its break-through as a director. Coppolas last large success was 1979 Viet Nam- Epos Apocalypse Now, in which it could meet among other things also Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall from the godfather again. After a very long turning duration Coppola could finish the anti-war film finally. In the production time it came to differenceswith the film rental business United Artists. Nevertheless it came to an economic and artistic success. This flowed in a OSCAR for Duvall as best Nebendarsteller. Apocalypse Now is until today one of the most influential films of the past fifty years. Of thatgrandiosen flop of one with heart could not he however any longer recover. He turned films like the outsiders and Rumble fish, in order to pay its debts off. The actors used by him became as if roast luggage the Jungstars of their generation. Its desire film Cotton club became again a failure, and Coppola turned Peggy Sue married. He could not break through this vicious circle from flops and Autragsarbeiten until today. Thus it saw turning against previous oaths nevertheless in a forced manner , the godfather III.Same applies for filming of the Regenmacher to the child film Jack with Robin Williams and John Grisham -. At present it turns however a project, which was to it already longer because of the heart: Megalopolis.

It obtains financial profits above allwith its area of cultivation of wine.

Francis Ford Coppola won so far altogether five Oscars with fourteen nominating. It received the honor 1971 for the film script for (of it did not produce) Patton, 1972 for the script to the godfather as well as 1975 forProduction, direction and film script for the godfather II.

Coppola produced numerous motion picture films of other directors, under it George Lucas ' American Graffiti (1973) and Akira Kurosawas Kagemusha (1980) as well as Godfrey Reggios Koyaanisqatsi (1983) and Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow (1999).

Francis Ford Coppola is the uncle of the American actor Nicolas Cage and father of the directors Sofia Coppola (draws in translation) and novel Coppola (music video) as well as brother of the actress Talia almost one.

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