Francis Garnier

Francis Garnier (* 25. July 1839 with pc. Etienne, † 21. December 1871 with Hanoi) was a French explorer.

Garnier occurred the French navy and took part in 1860 to 1862 as a wo1 the campaign China and Cochinchina, became inthe new French colony employed and Lagrées 1868 led the further investigation of the Mekong after death. Here it penetrated until Tali fu and drove on the Jangtsekiang to Han kou.

It returned to France and participated in the French-German war. From May toAugust 1873 it traveled up from the Tungtingsee to China the Jüankliang and Paibo to to the border of Szechuan.

It was then recalled after Saigon, sent around a military expedition after Tongking. It took to 20. November 1873 Hanoi, fell however to 21. December inFight against Chinese pirate gangs.

After Francis Garnier several ships of the French navy were designated (see Francis Garnier (ship))


  • Voyage d'exploration EN Indochine counterpart 1866-68. 2 Bde. (1873)

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