Francis Haskell

Francis Haskell (* 7. April 1928, † 18. January 2000 in Oxford) was an English art historian, who had particularly used up itself the social history of the art.

Haskell studied among other things at the King's college in Cambridge history.There he was pupil of the art historian Nikolaus Pevsner. From 1962 to 1967 he was a librarian of the Fine kind Faculty. 1963 it published its innovative study of patron and Painters over the Mäzenatentum of the baroque age. it received one to 1967Call to the University of Oxford, where it began the follow-up of Edgar wind. In Oxford he dedicated his research above all to the French academy art 19. Century. To this topic 1976 appeared its likewise innovative study Rediscoveries inKind. 1981 it published the Antique together with Nicholas penny the book key and. Haskell taught and researched further in Oxford, where he was emeritiert 1995. Haskell was married with the Russian Kunsthistorikerin Larissa Salmina. Its colleague Nicholas penny called it “one OF the most original kind history to the OF the 20th century”, and Charles Hope called him “one OF the most important OF his time”.


history and its pictures, Munich 1999, ISBN 3406391877

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