Francisco Antonio Pinto Díaz

Francisco Antonio Pinto Díaz (* 23. July 1785; † 18. July 1858 in Santiago de Chile) was a Chilean politician. From 1827 to 1829 he officiated as a president of his country.


Francisco Antonio Pinto Díaz, Chilean president of 1827-1829

Pinto studied Universidad de San Felipe to 1806 jurisprudence at that material. He was married with Luisa Garmendia Aldunate, its son Aníbal Pinto Garmendia officiated from 1876 to 1891 as a Chilean president, its daughter Enriqueta married Manuel Bulnes Prieto, which was from 1841 to 1851 a president of Chile.

Francisco Pinto dedicated itself first to a life as a businessman, which led him more frequently after Lima in Peru. There 1811 also the message of the Chilean declaration of independence reached it by the first junta. In the following year it returned to Chile and of the junta as diplomatic representatives of Chile to Buenos Aires to Argentina was sent. 1813 it traveled in the order for government to England, in order to achieve with European powers the political acknowledgment of the Chilean independence from Spain to.

Until 1824 it supported the independence fight in Peru, returned to Chile, took over it the office of the Intendente of Coquimbo and officiated as a minister of foreign affairs and interior of Chile.

To 8. May 1827 withdrew president Ramón Freire y Serrano and Pinto, which was at this time vice-president, took over the office. It was faced with a difficult situation, since the political contrast between the liberals, who wanted to leave extensive liberties to the regions, and who conservative ones, who endorsed a strong central power, ever more zuspitzte itself.

In the year 1828 a condition-giving meeting met, whose suggestions the mind heated up of far. With the presidency elections Pinto saw itself majority in the congress confirmed by the liberal, but the elections to the vice-president resulted in a Patt. The congress appointed the liberal Joaquín Vicuña, whereupon the conservative ones under guidance of José Joaquín Prieto Vial began the revolution of 1829.

In the face of a politically groundless situation Pinto withdrew and handed the office over - was there no generally accepted vice-president destined - condition-conformal to the president of the congress, Francisco Ramón Vicuña Larraín.

In the following civil war between liberals and conservative ones Pinto did not participate. He withdrew himself into the private life. Only as Prietos successor Manuel Bulnes Prieto, Francisco Pintos son-in-law, it publicly rehabilitated, stepped he again into the public footlights. Starting from 1843 it represented the constituency La Serena in the Lower House, whose presidency it also took over then.

From 1846 to its death it sat in addition in the senate and officiated as its president. It died to 18. July 1858.

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