Francisco Borja there Costa

Francisco Borja there Costa (* 1946 region Manatuto, Timor, † 7. December 1975, Osttimor) was a east timoresischer journalist, freedom fighter and a poet and wrote the national anthem of the country Pátria.

Up to the fourth class it went into Soibada to the school, changed then to Dili, where after the Abitur as a civil servant worked. He was a joint founder of the osttimoresischen liberation movement FRETILIN. Borja became famous there Costa, son of a Liurai, a timoresischen king, by its poetry and speeches in the national language Tetum, a austronesischen language. Borja Costa worked there later than journalist for A Voz de Timor (the voice Timors), the first newspaper east Timors.

It died on the first day of the Indonesian invasion after the explanation of independence east Timors, its name stood on a list of the dead of the Indonesian military.

1986 were created there there in honours Costas the Borja Costa Austronesian Fondation (FABC) in Lisbon, which dedicates itself to the cultural inheritance east Timors, particularly the Tetum language, colony sowing ion history, the religion and the sociology of the timoresischen society.

Its brother Luís Costa created the first dictionary and the first language leader Tetum - Portuguese.


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