Francisco Giner de loosely Ríos

Francisco Giner de loosely Ríos (* 10. October 1839 in Ronda; † 17. February 1915 in Madrid) was a Spanish philosopher and paedagogue.

As pupils of J. Sanz del Río and Vertreter of the Krausism created Giner de loosely Ríos after the politically caused loss of its Madrider of chair for philosophy of law 1876 the “Institución Libre de Enseñanza” (free institute).

On the basis of its view of the personality as entireness of understanding and feeling, he aimed at a renewal of education and education. Therefore it took up musische technical and work instruction into the curriculum and extracted its (private) school of the church and conservative national control. From this institute among other things Miguel de Unamuno, José Ortega y gas set and Antonio Machado followed .

Particularly regarding young people Giner occurred de loosely Ríos for a penal reform . It coined/shaped liberals a thinking in Spain deeply.


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