Francistown is with 89.979 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005) the second largest city of the South African State of Botswana and is appropriate about 450 kilometers north for the capital Gaborone.

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the settlement of the region hands back 80,000 years, when here already ancestors of the San lived.

Into the 1860er years experienced the region a first boom, when gold was found. The Englishman Daniel Francis, after which the city is designated, acquired 1869 the prospecting licenses of the native Matabele and created the Tati Concessions.

The today's Francistown developed starting from 1897. Up to the independence of Botswana in the year 1966 the city was the supplying center for the Tati Concessions and smaller gold mines in the region. With independence the city became the place of transshipment for the trade with Simbabwe and Zambia. Until approximately 1990 the city tightened restaurant economics, which went around here the sanctions against the South African apartheid.


in the slaughter houses of Francistown is slaughtered a large part of the cattle intended for the export. Resident are further clothing, cord goods, shoe, textile ceramic(s) and chemical industry.

In the framework flourishes to the service economy in particular the carrying trade. The large hinterland, which extends over thinly settled areas until Simbabwe , Zambia and into the central Kalahari, provides for many small and wholesale dealers.


Francistown does not offer routistic objects of interest. The Makgadikgadi Salzpfannen and the Tuli block with its many game animals are good from here to reach.

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