Franco Causio

Franco Causio (* 1. February 1949 into leakages) is a former Italian football player.

Causio was right outside with Juventus Turin and formed together with Roberto Bettega as linkoutside one of the best wing pliers in the European association football of the 1970er years. Also in the Italian national team it played together over many years. Beside numerous Italian championships and cup victories with Juve he won 1977 the UEFA cup. It participated for Italy in three soccer world championships. Its first soccer world championship 1974 in Germany ended after separating in the Vorrunde for it and completely Italy with a large disappointment. Better it ran for it with the soccer world championship 1978 in Argentina. Italy remained ungeschlagen up to the last group play of the second final round against the Netherlands. In the Vorrunde played themselves they into a favorite role, since them had defeated hosts and the later world champion Argentina with 1:0. After the surprising defeat against the Dutchmen it played in the play around the third place against Brazil. This play was lost likewise and to Italy became fourth.

With the soccer world championship 1982 in Spain Causio, also due to injuries, did not have any more the form of past days. And straight this tournament brought largest triumph of the Italian football after the Second World War. Italy drew Causios of national coaches of many years Enzo Bearzot rendered it a large honour , in which it led it briefly before conclusion as Italy already clearly into the final against Germany and and surely world champion was for some minutes in, so that he could feieren together with its colleagues the large victory at the place. Its career let Franco Causio end with Udinese Calcio.


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