Francy Boland

Francy Boland (* 6. November 1929 in Namur; † 13. August 2005 in Geneva) was a Belgian jazz - pianist and Arrangeur.


Boland began to play with eight years piano. It studied after II. World war music at the conservatoire of Lüttich.

In the 1960er and 1970er years was he on the high point of his career. It created with the Schlagzeuger Kenny Clarke one bends volume after very successful years 1972 dissolved and composed for considerable orchestras, and. A. COUNT Basie.

To the artists, who worked with Boland together, belonged also Gitte Haenning, which 1969 after years as a hit singer a Swingalbum took up and thereby also of a broader public than jazz singer admits itself made.

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