Franc walter stone Meier

stone Meier (in front) and Condoleezza Rice in Berlin

franc walter stone Meier (* 5. January 1956 in Detmold, circle lip) is a German politician (SPD).

It is since 2005 Federal Ministers of the foreign one and was from 1999 to 2005 boss of the Office of the Federal Chancellor.

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lives and occupation

stone Meier 1956 in Detmold as a son of a carpenter and a factory female worker one bore. After the Abitur 1974 in Blomberg stone Meier carried first his military service outoff and 1976 began a study of the jurisprudence and at 1980 also the political science at the Justus Liebig university pouring, which he terminated 1982 with first and 1986 with the second legal state examination. It was subsequently, as scientific coworkers at the chair for public right andPolitical science at the University of pouring actively. 1991 took place here its graduation to the Dr. iur. with the work „citizens without shelter - between obligation to the accommodation and right to dwelling; Tradition and perspectives of national intervention for the prevention and removal of homelessness.

it stepped 1991as adviser for law of communication media and media guidelines into the state chancellery of Lower Saxony . 1993 he took over here the line of the personal office of Prime Minister Gerhard Schröder, became then 1994 directors/conductors of the department for guidelines of the policy, department coordination and - planning.

Franc walter stone Meier is married and has oneDaughter.

a party

as pupils it already became member of the young socialists and occurred in November 1975 the SPD.

public offices

from 1993 to 1994 was stone Meier director/conductor of the personal office of the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, thereafter Ressortkoordinator.1996 became it Undersecretary of state and director/conductor of the state chancellery of Lower Saxony appointed.

After the past Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Gerhard Schröder had been selected to the Federal Chancellor, stone Meier followed it and in November 1998 to the undersecretary of state in the Office of the Federal Chancellor and assigned for the intelligence services appointed.

After the resignation from chancellery minister Bodo Hombach becameStone Meier to 7. July 1999 to the boss of the Office of the Federal Chancellor and assigned for the intelligence services appointed. Without a simultaneous appointment as the Federal Minister for special tasks however one did.

Stone Meier was one the closest political familiar Schröders. It worked mostly as inconspicuous managers rather in the background. Itfundamental strategy papers, under it if that one wrote from the December 2002, in which the reform pensions - and health system of the Federal Republic was specified, participated in the agenda 2010 , belonged to the control circle for the conversion of the Hartz reforms and was involved in preferring the tax revision 2003.

To 22. November 2005 was appointed stone Meier as a Federal Minister of the foreign one into the Federal Government led of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. For many stone Meier appointment belongs thereby to most surprising particulars. Because the lawyer was so far to a large extent unknown to a broad public. Its ascent followed completely in the shade Schröders. ThoseReactions to its appointment as the minister of foreign affairs failed throughout positively. Even the FDP - honorary chairman and former ministers of foreign affairs Hans Dietrich Genscher praise the appointment.

Stone Meier is considered as Pragmatiker and not as an ideologist. In the chancellorship one was besides from its friendly, compensatory, but determined in the thingKind most done. Besides the impression, stone Meier deceives is inexperienced with regard to foreign policy, particularly since he was as a chancellorship boss six years long co-ordinator of the secret services. Each week had received a lecture lasting several hours on the situation in the world to stone Meier. After the terrorist attacks at the 11. September 2001 was itin the crisis staff with chancellor, Secretary of Defense, outside and interior merged. In addition it comes that stone Meier led the undersecretary of state round, which discussed all topics for years, which went into the Federal Cabinet - thus also all international missions of the German Federal Armed Forces. In the undersecretary of state round for European questions it took those as a chancellorship boss often evencrucial tuning between competitive departments forwards.

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