Franc Arnau

franc Arnau (* 9. March 1894in Vienna as Heinrich Schmitt; † 11. February 1976 in Munich) was a German writer.


the son of a hotel leader began its literary activity as a newspaper journalist. With the political ascent of Hitler the avowed Gegener of the national socialism emigrierte 1933 first to France, 1939 to Brazil, where it lived until 1955. There it was further active as journalist and free writers. After its return to Germany he worked and others for the magazine star as well as free message dealers. Besides Arnau wrote over one hundred partially present-strong books and was temporarily a president of the German league for human rights.

Its works are enough from pieces of stage over novels and detective stories up to critical studies over the society or the law system. 1934 it argued in its novel the brown plague with the ascent of the Nazis.

works (selection)

  • 1934 the brown plague
  • 1944 the mask with the silver strip (crime film)
  • 1958 hot plaster Rio (crime film)
  • 1959 only dead witnesses are silent (crime film)
  • 1962 in the shade of the Sphinx
  • 1964 art of the counterfeiters, counterfeiters of the art
  • 1964 why humans kill
  • 1966 the other world of the laws
  • 1967 the punishing injustice care in the Federal Republic of
  • 1971 motive for act passion
  • 1972 encyclopedia of the Philatelie
  • 1972 lived, loved, hated (autobiography)
  • 1974 Watergate - the sump

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