Franc Lampard

franc James Lampard (* 20. June 1978 in Rome Ford, London) is an English football player, who plays for the fiber plastic Chelsea in the central centre zone.

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its international match debut gave Lampard 1999, however neither for the EM to 2000 nor for the WM 2002 was considered. For EM-qualification 2004 it fought for then a master place in the English national team, at which it carries the number 8, and in the UEFA all star team selected itself. To 12. October 2005 obtained that in the meantime 38-malige national player in the play against Poland its tenth hit for England (conditions: 5.1.2006).

Lampard changed in June 2001 for 16 million euro of its youth club west Ham United, in which also Joe Cole played, to the Londoner association fiber plastic Chelsea. There it brought it so far to 231 employments, in which it shot 63 gates (conditions: 5.1.2006). Franc Lampard is one of the torgefährlichsten midfield players of Europe.


won successes its first title with Chelsea in the league cup final against the fiber plastic Liverpool, 2005 and 2006 won it with „the Blues “ the Prime Minister League. In the crucial play against the Bolton Wonderers it shot thereby the two hits of the Blues to the victory. To 19. December 2005 became franc Lampard in the context of the 15. FIFA World Player Gala to the secondarybest FIFA Weltfussballer honoured. Further it stood in 164 plays successively in the initial formation, which for a field player an exception achievement is.

private life

of the 183 cm large and 79 kg heavy players originates from a football family. Its father, who is called likewise franc, won with west Ham United twice the COMPANIES Cup; its uncle, Harry talk-scarcely, trained at present the fiber plastics Portsmouth and its cousin, Jamie talk-scarcely, played 17 times for the national team and plays now with the fiber plastic Southampton.

Franc Lampard is engaged with the Elen Rives originating from Katalonien. Its common daughter Coco Luna Patricia became to 22. August 2005 born.

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