Franc rust

franc rust (* 30. June 1973 in Chemnitz) is a German football player. Its position is Torwart, its current back number with the fiber plastic Schalke 04 is the 1.

Rust comes of a sportily very successful parents' house. His father Peter and its nut/mother Christina rust were both hand ball national players extremely successful in the GDR. Peter Rost was 1980 olympia winner with the GDR hand ball national team, his Mrs. Christina won 1976 in Montreal the olympic silver medal.

Rust career began as a Stürmer with locomotive Leipzig west, at 1982 played it for the BSG chemistry planks. Only with 13 he became goal keeper. it changed 1986 into the achievement center of the 1. Fiber plastic locomotive Leipzig and after the turn 1990 to the 1. Fiber plastic Mark clover mountain.

1992 began with the change to sports association Werder Bremen its sportily successful ascent. Since 1995 he was master goal keeper there. With the Bremern it became 1993 German master and won 2 times the DFB cup (1994, 1999).

it changed 2002 to the fiber plastic Schalke 04, where it is up-to-date the “number 1”.

Franc rust is beside Jens Lehmann the only Torwart, who obtained a gate from a federal league play (without eleven-meters). It was to 31. March 2002 in the play Hansa Rostock against Werder Bremen intermediate 3:3 - balance hits for Werder.

For the German national soccer team the Torwart played so far 4 times.

I till Tor för ein för dabei för erzielte för und för seinerBundesliga-Karriere bestritt er 238 Spiele. It possesses a contract until 2009.


we others are all Bratwürste.

(to the stair fall of Rudi Assauer) I hope that it was not an attempted suicide.

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