Franc weighing and

franc weighing and (* 15. March 1943 in Anna mountain, ore mountains), is a former German swimming sportsman, who belonged from 1960 to 1968 - for the GDR starting - to the world-best freestyle floats. With the olympic plays 1964 and 1968 he won four silver medals.

Its most successful year was 1966: With the European championship in Utrecht he became three-way winner and placed he to 25. August with 4:11,1 minutes a new world record over 400 meters freestyle up. But it was selected in the same year to the GDR sportsman of the yearly.

further ones of successes

  • 1959 for the first time GDR masters on the 400-Meter-Freistilstrecke
  • 1960 olympic plays in Rome: Seventh with the 4x200-Meter-Freistilstaffel; three GDR records
  • 1962 European championship in Leipzig: Third over 400 meters freestyle; Winner with the 4x100-m-Lagenstaffel (with Jürgen the TZE, Egon Henninger and refuge Günther Gregor)
  • 1964 three silver medals with the olympic plays in Tokyo: 400 meters freestyle, 4x100-Meter-Freistilstaffel (with refuge Löffler, Uwe Jacobsen and Hans Joachim small), 4x200-Meter-Freistilstaffel (with refuge Günther Gregor, Gerhard rush, Hans Joachim small
  • 1966 European championship in Utrecht: Winner over 400 meters freestyle, 400 meters layers, 4x100 meter freestyle (with Udo Poser, refuge Günter Gregor and Peter Sommer); Silver medal over 4x200 meter freestyle (with refuge Günter Gregor, Alfred Mueller, Udo Poser) and over 4x100 meter situations (with Jürgen the TZE, Egon Henninger and refuge Günther Gregor).
  • 1967 world record over 4x100 meter situations in 3:56,5 min. (Leipzig, 7. November)
  • 1968 olympic plays in Mexico city: Silver medal over 4x100 meter situations (with Roland Matthes, Egon Henninger and refuge Günter Gregor)

Franc weighing and studied sport sciences and became after end of his active career swimming coach of the ASK potsdam. Later it was shifted and worked in the Federal Administration of the GDR trade unions FDGB. After the end of the GDR he became a real estate agent. It lives in Zeuthen with Berlin.

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