Franc Wilczek

franc Wilczek to the Harvard University

franc Anthony Wilczek (* 15. May 1951 in New York) is an US-American physicist and Nobelpreisträger for physics 2004.

Wilczek was born in Queens (New York town center) and went there also to the school. it made a Bachelor OF Science conclusion in mathematics at the University OF Chicago, 1972 the master OF for 1970 kind in mathematics and 1974 the doctor in physics to the Princeton University. He worked on institutes for the Advanced Study in Princeton and the Kavli of institutes for Theoretical Physics of the University OF California, Santa Barbara. At present it is Herman Feshbach professor for physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1973, while its time as a graduation student in Princeton, he discovered the iterated liberty , which means together with David large that the strong reciprocal effect between quarks is the weaker the closer this together is. If two quarks are extremely close together are the reciprocal effect so weakly that they behave nearly like free particles. This theory (which was discovered independently of David Politzer) was an important step for the development of quantum chromodynamics.

1994 were distinguished Wilczek with the Dirac medal and 2004 common kept it with David large and David Politzer the Nobelpreis for physics for the discovery of the iterated liberty in the theory of the strong reciprocal effect.

Since that 3. July 1973 it is married with Betsy Devine, with which it has two children, Amity and Mira.

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