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in Frankfurt/Main treats Frankfurt general newspaper of these articles. For further meanings of the abbreviation FAZ, see FAZ (term clarifying).

Frankfurt general newspaper
description subscription daily paper
publishing house result donation
first edition 1. November 1949
Feature way daily
sold edition
(IVW Q1/2006)
of 370,777 copies
Herausgeber Werner D'Inka, Berthold charcoal burner, Günther Nonnenmacher,
franc Schirrmacher, Holger Steltzner
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the Frankfurt general newspaper (FAZ) is a conservative liberal supraregional German subscription - daily paper. The FAZ hasthe legal form of a GmbH. It belonged by the majority the independent result donation, the newspaper depends likewise on a no party or organization.

Publishing house, Hellerhofstr. 2-4, Frankfurt/Main
editorial building, Hellerhofstr. 9, Frankfurt/Main

the daily sold edition Monday Saturday370,777 copies according to IVW (conditions 1 amount to. Quarter 2006). The newspaper has the highest foreign spreading of all German quality newspapers.

The line of the newspaper is determined not by an editor-in-chief, but by the five publishers collegial.

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firstExpenditure of the FAZ appeared at the 1. November 1949, establishment publisher were Hans's tree garden, Erich Dombrowski, Karl grain, Paul Sethe and Erich Welter. Some editors of the FAZ worked before already at the 1943 forbidden Frankfurt newspaper andwith the general newspaper in Mainz. The newspaper sees itself as a successor of the Frankfurt newspaper, to their name it since that 18. December 1958 as sub-titles in the imprint leads.

The FAZ is today manufactured electronically; but particularly one becamedigital german type writing made. Under the readership the introduction of colored information diagrams and photographies was controversially discussed. Likewise frontispieces are into the FAZ traditionally only one exception.


after own objective consists the task of the newspaper of it, for thinkingto energize. The truth must be holy it, therefore the exact separation between messages and comment is very important with the FAZ. Politically it is liberal - conservatively orients, however it does not shrink from itself to offer differently to gesinnten commentators a forum.The former director/conductor of the editorship home policy Friedrich Karl pious one called the profile of the FAZ “black-red-golden “: Black for the conservative politics policy, red for the left-tending feuilleton and gold for that very much liberal restaurant economics.

The FAZ has a very extensiveNet of own correspondents at home and abroad. In larger metropolises (London, Paris, New York) there are partially even several specialized correspondents for politics, economics and feuilleton.

Special attention receive regularly into the FAZ printed reader letters. The FAZ bringsup to date also contributions to legal topics. Among other things for lawyers the FAZ applies therefore as unofficial obligation sheet.

The FAZ sold its book publishing houses Kösel publishing house and German publishing house with the one eating publishing house on in the course of the concentration on the core authority in September 2005 Random House.

social effect

as one of the present-strongest newspapers of Germany does not only play the FAZ in many society-political discussions one opinion-ends role; often the newspaper released fundamental discussion only. Thus substantial debate contributions became of the Historian controversy, and. A. by Ernst Nolte and Michael Stürmer, publishes first here.

Also in the discussion over the spelling reform of 1996 contributions of FAZ editors and guest authors played an important role. Not least by the decision, after a initialConversion to the new orthography after one year the old orthography to already reset, took the FAZ to direct influence on the argument. (However the FAZ uses since November 2004 in their headings, as far as they are written in german type,no more the long s, probably a concession to the spirit of the time.)

in recent time mixed one the publisher of the newspaper, franc Schirrmacher, with a set of articles and a book („the Methusalem Komplott “) into the current discussionover the obsolescence of the German society and the accompanying social, economic, political and consequences also concerning town construction.

A privileged position for the socio-political meaning of the FAZ takes itself the reader letter side of the newspaper, in again and again the prominent discussion participants to wordannounce.


acquaintance coworker

the current coworkers of the FAZ become in the book “the editorship place themselves forwards” (in former times: “You write and draw up thoseFAZ ") presented. This work contains also a key to the name contractions, by which all articles are marked in the FAZ, which refer not with the full name to the author or are taken over of agencies.

related publications


since 2001 is the F.A.Z. represent with an independent editorial message portal in the Internet: http://www.faz.net

work on []

Frankfurt Anthologie

see special article of Frankfurt Anthologie.

Frankfurt one general Sunday newspaper (CHAMFER)

CHAMFER is the sunday edition of the FAZ. Originally only as regional newspaper in the region Rhine Main driven out, is it since that 30. September 2001 country widelyavailable. Despite the common use among other things editorial resources steps CHAMFER independently up. This becomes clear also in the appearance, which from the FAZ in the Satzgestaltung - the constant four-coloredness and an own bread writing, which Janson - differs.

university indicator

of the university indicators is a magazine, which appears six times annual to the Frankfurt general newspaper in the publishing house. It turns particularly to students, college graduates and occupation A RISERs, who want to inform about industries and enterprises, their future employer searchesor Tipps for the application wish. It can be subscribed individually or together with a student subscription of the FAZ. In addition it is available at the kiosk. Two weeks after Erscheinungstermin he is distributed free of charge at many universities in Germany and Austria and/or.there laid out. The common edition of the university indicator amounts to 238,790 copies, of it 114,840 sold (IVW II/2005).

FAZ Weekly

the FAZ Weekly was the English-language weekly paper of the FAZ. In it mainly editorials of the daily paper were summarized. It lay in each caseon Fridays that internationally Herald grandstand and appeared of the summer 2002 up to the center of the yearly 2005. Of the 3. April 2000 up to 29. June 2002 even gave it a daily appearing supplement to FAZ English edition.


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