Fray van Mieris the older

soldier and the girl

fray van Mieris the older one (* 16. April 1635 in suffering; † 12. March 1681 in suffering, bury in the pc. Pieterskerk) was a Netherlands Portrait, history and a category painter. He was a son of the Goldschmieds and diamond setter January Bastiansz. van Mieris and its Mrs. Christine Willemsdr. van Garbartijn.

Its training began it first 1647 with his cousin, the Goldschmied Willem Fransz. it changed however its occupational aspiration for 1650 and stepped with the glass painter Abraham Toorenvliet into the teachings. Short time he became later pupil of Gerard Dou, the probably most well-known representative of the Leidener fine painting, which designated and emphasized him later than the princes of his pupils. 1658 joined fray van Mieris of the Leidener St.Lukas Gilde. 1663 and 1664 he as their captain and 1665 functioned as a chief.

Fray van Mieris created in the style of the fine painting with a precise detail loyalty above all representations from the informal and domestic life of the distinguished world. The late pictures of the painter became more kleinformatiger and exhibit klassizistische influences.

Its championship is based primarily in the refinement of the pictorial treatment, in the elegance of the design and in the virtuosen rendition of the material one. But its haven advice and category figures, that partly belong to the distinguished world, partly the patriating and, are usually superficial and smooth in the characteristic. Its category pictures are usually limited to two or three figures. In the gallery portraits of Mieris and its wife are the Hague, in the same way in the old person Pinakothek in Munich. Latter collection is particularly richly at masterpieces of Mieris' hand (the oyster breakfast, the Lautenspielerin, the rider boot, Trompeter, the ill woman), many the same is also in Paris, Dresden (workshop of the artist, woman and girl with the sounds) and Berlin (boy lady before the mirror).

Fray van Mieris married 1657 Cunera van the Cock. The married couple had five children. Its sons January and Willem as well as his grandson fray were likewise important painters.

  • January van Mieris (* 17. March 1660 in suffering; †; 17. March 1690) learned with Lairesse and painted usually haven advice in grösserm yardstick. It visited Germany, went then to Florenz and finally to Rome, where it 17. March 1690 died.
  • Willem van Mieris (* 1662 in suffering; † 27. January 1747 in suffering) painted small society pictures in similar way, was inferior however to the father.
  • Fray van Mieris (* 24. December 1689 in suffering; † 22. October 1763 daselbst), the younger son of William Mieris, painted likewise pieces of category and haven advice in imitation of its father and grandfather. As its smooth pictures its “history the nederlandsche vorsten” (Hague 1732-35, 3 Bde.) is deserving, the “Groot charterboek the graven van Holland, van Zeeland EN Mr. van vriesland” (Leipz. 1753-56, 4 Bde.), to which works it let the coins sting after its designs, and which “Handvesten stad of the Leyden” (suffer 1759, 2 Bde. ; the 1. Volume as well as the additives to the same anxious Daniel van Alphen).

work selection

  • “musical maintenance” - 1658, Schwerin, national museum
  • “the artist a lady painting” - Dresden, picture gallery, since 1945 “
  • lady before the mirror” - Munich, old person Pinakothek “
  • the oyster breakfast” - Munich, old persons Pinakothek verschollen
  • “selfhaven-guessed/advised at the age of 32 years” - 1667, Polesden Lacey (national Trust).


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