František Běhounek

František Běhounek (* 28. October 1898 in Prague; † 1. January 1973 in Karlovy Vary) was a Czech physicist and writer, with the emphasis in the youth literature and Science Fiction.

It studied physics and mathematics at the Karl university, later also radiology in France. Its Dozentin was Marie curie. In the 20's-years he was joint founder of the national radiological institute. 1926 it participated with Roald Amundsen in that airship - expedition to the north pole . It accomplished measurements to the Spitzbergen , at the actual flight to the pole did not participate it however not. It let instruments transport only its. 1928 it participated as an expert for cosmic radiations in the travel of the airship Italia . With it it flew as a first Czech over the north pole. It described the crash of the Zeppelins in its book “the stranding of the polar sea” (Trosečníci polárního moře). In the 50's-years it was appointed as an expert of the State Department as the UNESCO. It wrote 28 books of barking trichloroethylene TIC and a set of specialized publications.


in Germany publishes:

  • Seven weeks on the Eisscholle.
  • And Meuterei on
  • the “Bounty
  • ” and other Robinsonaden humans and the radioactivity
  • the kite island silvers shipwreck in
  • space gilding (= small youth row, Jg. 14, 1963, number 20)


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