French-Netherlands war

the French-Netherlands war (1672 - 1679) became of Ludwig XIV. exactly planned. It insured itself in the year 1670 in contracts with England (Treaty OF Dover), Sweden, Münster and Cologne their neutrality.

In March 1672 France explained then the war to the Netherlands. Thereupon the Netherlands a coalition with the emperor Leopold I. went., the cure prince by Brandenburg, Austria and Karl II. of Spain. William III. from Oranien governor on lifetime became and should organize the defense of the Netherlands. In addition it let air-locks and dams open aimed, in order to flood country in such a way and to stop the advance of the Frenchmen. 1678 were then closed the peace treaty in Nimwegen.

These mentioned following:

  • The Netherlands praised neutrality for the return of its territories.
  • France received the Franche Comté from Spain, exchanged some flandrische cities and got Freiburg from Austrian possession.

The present Treaty came into force then 1679 .

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