French south and Antarctic areas

French of south and Antarctic areas< /br> Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises
Base data
capital: Haven aux Français
arrangement: 4 districts
research stations: Haven aux Français, Alfred Faure, Martin de Viviès, Dumont d'Urville
inhabitants: approx. 150
surface: 507,829 km ²
highest collection: Mont Ross (1,850 m)
largest district: Terre Adélie (432,000 km ²)
largest island: Île Kerguelen/Grande Terre (6,675 km ²)
administration: Michel Champon
time belt UTC + 5/+10
TLD .tf
official Website:
Inseln Amsterdam, St. Paul, Crozetinseln und Kerguelen
islands Amsterdam, pc. Paul, Crozetinseln and Kerguelen

French the south and Antarctic areas (Terres of australes et antarctiques françaises, TAAF) are a French overseas territory (Territoire d'outre more mer, TOM) since 1955.

The territory covers the islands Amsterdam and pc. Paul, the Crozetinseln, the Kerguelen as well as the Adelieland, who are according to international law not recognized however. The islands lie in the Indian ocean southeast from Africa.

The internationally recognized islands constitute a surface of 7829 km ². The Antarctic area covers a surface of 500.000 km ².

Präfekt and highest manager of the territory are since that 21. January 2005 Michel Champon. As flag the French Tricolore is go-eaten.

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the climate is Antarctic. The islands predominantly developed from volcanos. The highest point is the Mont Ross on the Kerguelen with 1850 M.


the area does not have permanent inhabitants. It gives around the 150 researchers, whose number can vary between winters and summers.


the economic life of the areas is very small. Particularly the maintenance of the research stations concerns the building and. In addition the islands serve as starting point for fishing. The most important trade partner is France.

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