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Franz Adickes 1891

Franz Adickes, actually Franz Bourchard Ernst Adickes (* 19. February 1846 in Harsefeld; † 4. February 1915 in Frankfurt/Main) was a German local politician and of 14. October 1890 up to the 1. October of 1912 mayors thatCity Frankfurt/Main.


before Franz Adickes mayor of Frankfurt/Main became, was it mayors in Dortmund and mayors in Altona. Adickes was considerably involved , as well as William Merton, in the donation of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe university Frankfurt.Further earnings/services of Adickes are the incorporations of numerous former suburbs of the district Frankfurt. In addition developed by his farsighted property ratings, which in the Lex so mentioned Adickes appeared, new populated areas, as west, east and northend and a second struggle race system, the avenue ring. Likewise by itsInitiative developed the Frankfurt east port, the this very day largest port of the city.

Adickes tomb on the main cemetery (sculptor: Johann Belz)

in Adickes' term of office fell the building of the festival hall, the establishment of the people customer museum and the sculpture collection in the Liebieghaus. After it is in Frankfurtthe Adickesallee and a tower Frankfurt city halls, the long Franz, designated.

Adickes studied Frankfurt/Main in Heidelberg and is honour citizen of the city. During its study time in Heidelberg Adickes became 1864 member of the student connection Burschenschaft Allemannia (sports club).

AdickesGrave is to be found on Frankfurt main cemetery. The Adickesallee, a piece of road of the avenue ring is designated after it.

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